How to change default camera app

How can the camera app used by the launcher be changed from the default Camera (Open Camera) app?

Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps: lists several classes of apps but not camera.

Would like to know as well.

I do know that installing a new camera app brings up an app selection dialog when you use the Camera shortcut (I.e., pressing Power twice in quick succession)

Indeed you could install a new camera app, use a shortcut (the one from the lockscreen or the “tap twice on the power button” one if activated) and it will prompt a selection, on which you have to choose the new app and select “Always”.

This works for selecting the default used on the lockscreen or the “tap twice on the power button” but it does not change the camera app used by the launcher, nor does it create an entry in the default apps setting.

I’m starting to think this is a shortcoming of the Bliss Launcher, which appears to have very few configuration options. I tried installing some other launchers where I could specify the “favorites” such as camera.

Also, why does such a simple launcher eat up 200-250MB of RAM?

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