How to change name of document in onlyoffice

I feel so silly right now, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how I change the name of an onlyoffice-document I create usung my e cloud service.

Also, is there a guide on how to sync documents between cloud, mobile and computer?

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I suggest the first thing to do is SaveAs, instead of Rename.

I seemed to find fairly intuitive methods to work after I downloaded OpenOffice to my PC and created an account and accessed their Help Centre. In fact I accidentally signed up for a business package 30 day trial and I was given excellent one to one support !

Edit, This machine does not seem to include my account, and it looks like I cannot share the Help Centre link ! A search on the main link will get you started if needed.

But I thougt since onlyoffice is included in the e apps that I did not need to get an account trough onlyoffice? I mean since e cloud is my cloud…

No, I am sure you don’t need to get an account.

I passed that method because you asked for a guide and I found their help centre useful. I expect there are also other ways of working.

I was also attracted to having all of OnlyOffice on my PC I could use

  • fully offline.
  • networked with ecloud and phone.
  • collaborating

However you can easily just search for help from the link above … or in the end I found the user guides !