How to change screen lock method?

I’m a new /e/ user who has never used Android previously.

When I set up my device, I chose PIN as my screen lock method. I would now like to change my lock method to pattern, however there doesn’t seem to be an option in my Security settings for that. I have an option to change the PIN, but not change from PIN to some other screen lock method.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Something’s not right here. This option should be in the settings under Security section. However, if you already have a PIN and want to change it to something else, you will first be prompted to enter your current PIN to access this selector.

Which version are you using ? Nougat, Oreo or Pie ?
Under Pie it should look like this

You should find these setting for Screen lock in this location
Settings >> Security & location >> under Device Security you should find options to change Screen lock + Add Fingerprints etc
I am checking on a Pie build it should be same for other OS as well.

Thanks for the responses – after I entered my PIN, I got the additional options to change the screen lock method.