How to change the bootloader correctly?

Hi all . Please tell me how to correctly replace or update the bootloader, for example, I had TWRP and now I want to install /e/ bootloader or vice versa?

Or, for example, a new version of the bootloader has been released, if I execute the command, will it not damage my system?

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Why don’t you return to stock and then re-join eOS?

Hello . Sorry, I didn’t understand what you wanted to say.

For example, I currently have TWRP 2.5 installed and the new version is 3.7, can I update the bootloader so that my entire system does not break?

Another optiosns. I currently have TWRP 3.7 bootloader version installed and I want to replace it with recovery-e-2.0-… Is it possible to do this?

This link points to whether TWRP is “Android version specific”

LineageOS and /e/OS have moved to the simpler recoveries. These recoveries have been designed to keep parallel to builds not just Android version. The system updater (I believe as default, some / all, idk) now offers to Update recovery with regular updates.

I guess it would be device dependent but three devices I know offer this.

But when you ask how to “change the bootloader correctly” this would require a device specific answer imho.

In the updater there is an option in the top right corner (3 dots), ‘Also update recovery’ something like that, I use German UI.

Maybe that works wihout a hassle

it is not possible, the bootloader stays stock,
even when you install a custom recovery like TWRP or the recovery-e,
it will preserve the bootloader provided by the vendor of the device.

TWRP is not a bootloader, it is a custom recovery manager.

you need TWRP version 2.8 minimum to use it to update the recovery partition
otherwise, you need to use fastboot (odin or heimdall in case of Samsung)

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Hello . Thanks for your answers.
Yes, you’re right, it’s impossible!
This means that when I bought a phone for example Samsung Galaxy S7 and want to install /e/OS, then I need to immediately decide on the custom recovery manager, it will be TWRP or /e/OS recovery .
That is, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

1.TWRP + /e/OS
2. /e/OS recovery + /e/OS

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