How to change the Launcher?

I am a new user to /e/ and I do not get the thinking behind Bliss simulating apple. It seems a little buggy and it has a bunch of apps I will never use but have to sift through for the 3 or 4 apps I need.

I’d like to go to something more like Trebuchet, Total or stock-looking Android where I can Remove apps. I have read the wiki but cannot find how to make changes to the Launcher screens other than Adding more stuff.

Is there a sequence to removing Bliss and installing another Launcher?

How would I do this?


To install another launcher;

Find your launcher of choice in the App/Aurora/F-Droid stores.
Install it, then press the home button.

This will open a dialogue where you can select your new launcher
Press home again and you can set it as default.

Bliss will remain but won’t be used.


Ahh, great thanks. I was wondering how to prevent them both trying to be the Launcher at the same time.

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Omega launcher is kind of an improved version of Trebuchet and can be got from F-droid if you first add the IzzyOnDroid Repo to F-droid by scanning the QR code and open the link in F-droid.

Trebuchet can be had from XDA as an apk (mediafire download)

Thanks, but I only download from well known and trusted sources. I have never used Mediafire. If it was on F-Droid I’d be OK with it. Same for the “izzy” thing, but thanks anyway.

I’m at this pain point too. I can’t find “Trebuchet” or f-droid from either the Apps app or from Aurora. So far everything I’ve tried to do has turned into a series of recursive rabbit holes. If anyone sees fit to help… I’d definitely be grateful.

F-Droid can be downloaded and then installed from its website

Trebuchet is the default launcher of LineageOS, available here for installation on other Custom ROMs … … confirmed working on Android 10, too, according to

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Thank you for taking the time to set me back on the path @AnotherElk!

This is an old post, but just wanted to inform that Simple Launcher (from F-Droid) works great for my usage.

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