How to choose which gallery-app OpenCamera opens?


I’ve the same problem as a lot of you (I did some digging) : Gallery hides the pictures stored on SD card. I installed another Gallery App (Simple Gallery Pro) ans everything is fine… but when I take a photo ans click on the thumbnail, it’s always the old /e/ Gallery which opens - without the new photo. Awkward.

Is there any way to uninstall or disable the old Gallery ? Or any way to force Simple Gallery Pro to always be open by default ?

It’s a quite strange situation if I cannot store any picture on SD card to visualize them ^^’

Thanks !

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As far as I remeber it’s so: when you installed a second gallery app like Simple Gallary you have two and both have equal rights. In this situation it asks you which one to take in that moment when you want to see a picture. And the question includes the decision “only this time” or “always”. When you choose “always” the question will later never come and your choosen app will always be used. You can’t uninstall the stock app but you can then remove its icon from the screen.

I probably did it wrong the first time, now SimpleGallery opens, tanks !
BUT… :wink:
The thumbnail un OpenCamera is still a wrong one (it’s the last picture in /e/ Gallery, not the real one). I guess I’ll have to change the PhotoApp too - this voyage is complicated but quite stimulating ^^

The thumnails are located somewhere, they are files, you can delete them. But I don’t know where they actually are, this depends on settings. The easiest way to get rid of them is delete all the taken pictures from within OpenCamera.

OpenCamera is not bad, it has a lot of options and you can experiment with them. If you indeed want to try another one take a look at FreeDCam from F-Droid. It has not so many options but uses different (own) algorithms for focussing and noise reduction. I installed both.

I wasn’t clear : I dont want to delete the thumbnails but would like, when I click on it un OpenCamera, to go on the GalleryApp I chose, not the basic one. But I guess I’ll stop trying to customize everything ;p

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try FreeDCam too :slight_smile:

I had exactly the same task to solve some days ago. I did it like this:

Open the settings app.
Go to “apps and notifications”.
There in the app listing tap the app in question, in this case the standard Gallery app.
Tap the “Open as standard” section.
Tap the “Flush standard setting” button.
Next time you do a preview from within the Camera app (or any other app calling for a picture viewer) you will be given the opportunity to select a standard app of your desire.

Dunno if I made the translation from my Swedish user interface correctly, but I’m sure you will succeed.


On my phone (FP3), there is no standard settings linked to Gallery. But it still takes control in Camera and it is really annoying. Simple Gallery should be the default apps in /e/ :slight_smile:

Edit: after a reboot, everything is fine!

  • ''Open by default"
  • “Clear defaults”

That’s the wording in English.