HOW TO Clone phone/apps (so u can have two versions of same app running at the same time)

I dont know why this forum is categorised the way it is, make it seems kinda suspicious to tbh. I Had threee options 1. Posts about the forum 2. posts about /e/OS Devices and ASUS? (where did asus come from?)

or 3rd setup. but it its not that, so i guess it is /e/os devices “ASUS” ←

Ok i bet this is is years of in this pase, but can we we please bring over the option to make a clone phone within the phone. So you have the one screen password open one user, and the other open another one! Like Oneplus does! Just without google!

Since most people uses one number for work, and one for private, and a lot of apps need numbers, So we need this

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Are you aware of Settings > System > Multiple users ? … but it may not do all you are asking for as the “second user” is somewhat dependent on the setup of the first.

I agree it can be difficult to find where to place your topic. The full range of categories can be found You can probably adjust the category using the "Edit – pencil icon :pencil2: " at the right hand end of the thread title.

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So could i as an example have two signal apps with the multiple users thing? One for work and one for personal?

Yes but then you need to switch users back and forth. I suggest instead you use Shelter app to manage using the “work profile” feature of Android. Then your regular and work profile apps are both usable at the same time but are isolated from each other.

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Oui Shelter est TRES bien, je l’utilise pour avoir des clones sous /e/os et en particulier Signal fonctionne très bien. C’est une bonne alternative aux closes par ex sous Miui que j’avais avant

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You say yes, but how? Cant find it… Iam a an e os newbie though… So Just getting around too using it as my daily phone…

The shelter app, is this a FOSS app?

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Yes it is FOSS.
You can install it from fdroid.

Another alternative is an app called Island, I guess it’s pretty similar to shelter.