How to collaborate with Deck and OpenTasks?

So, I searched a little around in the forum, but without any further findings.

So, while I really love to use the inbuilt forks, I have issues on how to use them properly.

What’s the purpose of having apps like Deck (Canvas/Kanban) without the ability to share it with persons in and outside of eCloud? Same for Tasks.
Don’t get me wrong, I like those apps, but they’re not really meant just for personal use.

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I guess all your “team” would require some Nextcloud instance idk exactly, but I guess if I had better understanding of trello I might be able to throw more light, interesting mixed reviews here might indicate one needs some advanced practice to make best use of the app.

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This post in the NextCloud forums indicates that it is possible to share with other users, though they must have an account on that NextCloud instance. It might be worth searching a bit more in those forums for help.

This article may also be useful

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Thanks the both of you.

Found this on “our” Gitlab

This post in Gitlab is also just about sharing stuff inside the federation.

With Documents/Spreedsheets it’s possible to share with users outside, but not with Deck or Tasks. I really do not want to use Trello or Microsoft To Do (Wunderlist) as substitutes :frowning: