How to connect on my account?


I’m progressing on my great deGooglization.
I was searching a replacement for Google Keep and I have to say the /e/ Task is terrible. I found Carnet, witch seems GREAT (for notes and tasks). I installed NextCloud on my phone (I was then able to greatly improve the sync in ecloud), I installed Carnet and logged in with Nextcloud : bam, perfect.
But I need the desktop website too : so I went to, but there I don’t see how to connect to ecloud : all I was able to do is create a account and add that account on my mobile Nextcloud (2 accounts, 2 clouds, not perfect).

Would any of you know how I can force the ecloud ID ? Putting the ecloud IDs doesn’t work, of course : it needs Carnet IDs. Is it just not possible ?


PS : is the Carnet website always so slow ? :thinking:
PS2 : I’m spamming this forum, how can I send you a french croissant to thank you ? ^^


Done some research, is a dedicated NextCloud instance : “is nothing more than a nextcloud server, so select Nextcloud and fill server / username / password” in So it probably won’t be able to link to another instance if the developers haven’t planned for it.

If your app synchronize with /e/ Cloud Tasks, then I think that you can use the Tasks app in /e/ Cloud (web).

Carnet as web in /e/ Cloud will need an app, I don’t think that /e/ Cloud administrators are willing to install it :wink:
Anyway :

Thanks a lot for the research !

I really wanted an app able to create lists in notes, but I’m gonna stick with Notes and Tasks - thanks again for all the informations !

You can enable the cornet app in your /e/ cloud. what I couldn’t figure out, is how to sync the desktop version with my phone. My phone offers only nextcloud, not /e/…

How can i sync the Carnet from with the Android F-Droid Version? I tried Nextcloud Sync with login data, but it is not working.

Thanks for the help.

If someone is still looking to connect Carnet on ecloud with their android app, this is what woked for me:

In settings: “Sync with cloud storage” → “other sync options” → “Connect with Nextcloud” → “Connect with your credentials”

user: your e-email (username didn´t work)
pass: your password for ecloud

After that, you can see your notes in the Carnet app inside ecloud as well