How to connect Music to my own server?

What’s the best way to get musik files from my nas? I do host my own nextclowd server. Actually
I could use my synology ds music app but they might have tracker in it. That why I ask.


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hello !

same question here ! it’s to sad to not be able to play the music from a network share with the nativ “Music” app !

Maybe someone have a good workarround ? I can’t believe that /e/ users are using spotify ? :slight_smile:


Maybe foobar2000 with uPNP or DLNA ?

Here are some suggestions. Just search for them online. Let us know which grabs your attention. :cowboy_hat_face:


I just installed the differents software
@Seven you listed only software wich are using cloud server, and I don’t want extra installation!

@smu44, foobar is really cool, but it can only add FTP location, no SMB :frowning: if i can’t find any solution, I will add FTP to my synology but I prefer to have a OOB solution

I will let you know !



I just offered suggestions. No need to get upset about it :rofl:

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Did you try using uPnP ? It should work OOB …

excuse me Seven, I wasn’t upset at all when I wrote my message !
I just configure the guest access + FTP on my Synology NAS, it’s wokring great with Foobar !
Thank you very much