How to create a GSI image with Android 10

I would like to read up on the creation of /e/ Android GSI images.
Here in the forum I can’t find anything exact, just a few lines (because of errors that occur, for example), but nothing about how to start exactly.

  • Operating system (Linux, Windows), which one is best?
  • is it possible to run the system in VirtualBox? I would like it best…
  • General instructions how to start
  • How do I get the /e/ sources for GSI
  • Are there scripts?
  • do I have to register on any pages to get access to sources?

I (unfortunately) have a little more time at the moment and would like to use this time for that.

Do you know, that the forum has a nice search feature ??

with searching ‘Howto build GSI’ you will find this:

you only have to change to sources to Q and LOS17.1

I had written that I was looking for, especially for GSI or just for build. But I hadn’t found “current”, I had found something with Docker from 2018, then articles about errors and so on.
Your link was not there…

But thanks, I will read in there :slight_smile:

By the way, why don’t use my eOS Q or LeOS R GSI?

I am the one where it does not work with the LeOS. Redmi note 9pro :slight_smile:

Besides I would like to be able to do that too :slight_smile: