How to deal with the app store alternatives?

Hello every one, Ive just installed /e/ os the last week on my galaxy S9, and I very proud of it. Thank you very much for all team to make this dream comes true ! GOOGLE FREE :heart_eyes:

The thing is I need apps. As I didn’t find all my wishes on the official app store, I try to install yalp store, without sucess, unable to start the application. Then I try F-Droid, which works well but it seems its catalog is smaller than the official /e/ store. Finally I discover Aurora store, and what a surprise for a newbie like me, this is the perfect mirror of the Google play store ! I succeed to download some nice apps but after several visites the store seems to be unstable, I can wait several minutes/hours before getting homepage.
Do you expriment the same trouble with it ? Is it a configuration issue or its just because /e/ os still in bêta ? Is there os something special to do ?

Generally, Is there someone who can run yalp or Aurora without any troubles ?

If you have some tips, I will appreciate it a lot !
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I use F-Droid with added IzzyOnDroid repository to reduce the need in Goolag Play. For this reason, I don’t go to the Aurora very often, but can tell you that it’s generally stable enough, although temporary breakdowns have sometimes occurred.


I never had any luck with Yalp so I just gave up on it and Aurora had been working flawlessly for me until the past day or so on 3 different devices (not all on /e/), all seem to be having an issue. Might be an aurora thing not specifically your device

IzzyOnDroid is great :slightly_smiling_face:


Soon after Aurora’s moving to a whole new v3, there was a problem with overloading of dummy accounts, which was just not enough for everyone. I can assume that this is a weak spot of its concept, and troubles may arise again here.

Just checked on the telegram, confirms the anonymous token dispenser is down at the moment.


Thank you e.follower and b3po, I didn’t know Izzydroid, I will check :blush:
About Aurora, if the anonymous account is unavailable I better understand why I can’t access thoses last days…

Anonymous token dispenser for Aurora is back up and working again! @kuzu

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Yalp works fine for me, as long as i sign in with my own Google account. The anonymous version often does not work. If you’re worried about them knowing your data, just make a bogus Google account without your real name and use that!

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