How to delete contacts / adress books in murenacloud

Hi, i hope this is an easy one: i dont find any “delete” options in my contacts on murenacloud. I’m generally familiar with nextcloud, so i thought i’d find something in the three-point-options-menu next to the adress books, but there is nothing. What am i missing? Note: I don’t acess my murenacloud with an mobile device yet, i’m still preparing my murenacloud via Browser and then plan to switch my FP4 to /e/ and hook up to my murenacloud account.

Why i want to delete all contacts: after having reworked my contacts offline, i want to delete all contacts i previously imported to murenacloud via google and have a clean i re-import from scratch.

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There was an issue about this

It was closed (as fixed) a couple of months ago, but someone commented a couple of days ago that

believe this may be a problem again? I am unable to see any way to delete an addressbook (even if no contacts in it) from > contacts > contact settings. Maybe a nextcloud upgrade / compatibility conflict has prevented that option from showing?

You could add a comment there if it is happening for you too

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@El_Mich I luckily found a way to do it via the “Account Manager” on the phone. Here are the details:

Thank you @petefoth and @rikshaw ! I was able to delete the adressbook as a whole via my phone by using the DAVx5-App (which i was using for syncing tasks).

Nonetheless, not providing one of the most fundamental options like “delete” in contacts is a big bummer for murenas Web UI i think! They should really integrate this.

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