How to delete forum account?

Sorry I have searched for a menu entry to delete my forum account, and have also searched the forum, and the FAQs but I have not found a way to delete my forum account. Can anyone point out how to do this?

Thank you!

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Click on your user icon, select Preferences. “Delete my account” button at the botom of the page.

Thank you, but I do no have a ‘Delete my account’ button. I have tried 3 different browsers and none of them show such a button.

For clarity I did the following:

  • Click on icon at the top right of page
  • Click on the ‘head and shoulders’ icon at the top right of the pop-up menu
  • Click on Preferences in the menu
  • Look through all pages on the preferences screen without seeing a ‘delete my account’ button

There is no such option in my preferences either.

In the Fairphone Community Forum which is based on Discourse as well there isn’t such an option either.

Write to /e/ community @moderators to get your wish dealt with, that’s how it’s done over there, too (or maybe this will make them get in touch with you already now).

P.S.: They might suggest to just anonymizing your account as deleting altogether it might destroy some discussions, ridding those of the context.

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@anon84098008 @urs_lesse
That is the oddest thing. When I saw your post, I checked in my preferences and there was a big red button - delete my account. Now it’s gone in my preferences as well.

I am on some forums which have the same look so I assume are running on the same software and these do have a red ‘delete my account’ button exactly where you describe, but not this forum.

Hello @moderators if you see this please delete/anonymize my account.

Thank you!

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It’s not odd but normal.
In Discourse users can’t be deleted if they have posts. So as you’ve posted, the button disappeared.
If you delete all your posts you’d see the button again.
So as mentioned in this topic only moderators or admins can now anonymize the user.


Thanks. Your suggestion seems reasonable. But I had already created posts in this forum to which others have responded before the ones in this discussion and before I checked that I could see the “delete” button. :thinking:

Anonymizing the account as requested.

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I would like the very same please (and I don’t believe it is normal at all regarding RGPD and the fact /e/ is dedicated to a correct privacy handling).

Please can someone delete my account, or anonymizing it? Thanks!

Anonymizing the account as requested.

I feel kind of bad for having to go out of my way to ask the @moderators but after some deep thinking i would like the same to have my account deleted/anonymized.

Anonymizing the account as requested.

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