How to delete pattern to unlock screen


Please explain me how can I totally delete pattern to unlock screen. I’m talking about Protected apps section.
What I see I can set a new patter, but I can’t delete it.


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If you are referring to the screen unlock pattern to remove the pattern

Settings >> Security & location >> Screen lock >> Confirm your pattern (here you will have to input current pattern ) >> Choose screen lock - here choose none

This should remove the screen lock pattern.

I’m referring to Privacy -> Protected Apps

I guess it can be deleted by deleting a particular file thanks to the TWRP’s file manager (like for the screen lock PIN/password) but I don’t know which file and where.

If that’s true. I’d say it’s a bug or thing to improve. What I understand eOS has been designed for common user and dealing with TWRP is rather part of at least kind of advanced one.

Where do you see this setting ? If I type privacy under setting all I see are these options but do not get Protected Apps under any of them.

I think he is referring to android 7, in the Privacy Guard section.

It’s exactly Settings → Privacy → Protected apps

BTW: I don’t know why in English language, there is section available in Polish. Prywatność means Privacy :wink:

Yes, it’s Android 7.1.2

I tried now, and I also tried a few months ago, and I remember that I could not permanently remove the pattern for that function of the Privacy Guard.
The only way was to reset

Okay, I guess it’s time to open a bug regarding this issue.

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(Off topic) So, if I didn’t activated Secure Startup, and only had the pin, that would mean that anyone accessing the twrp could delete a system file and then cancel the pin, right?

What I know, if anyone accesses your phone via TWRP it has a root access to it, so if he/she is power user they can do anything with your phone.
Maybe phone encryption might set some security to your at least private data…

Yes, you’re right, I didn’t know!!! :scream:
I tried and I remove pin by deleting only one file!
So, the only way to secure is:
encrypted disk, pin + secure startup.
I will do it!
Thanks and bye


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It’s simple : if your phone isn’t encrypted AND/OR is without any pattern/PIN/password, then anybody could go into TWRP and access every file on the phone.