How to determine the supported Bluetooth version


I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with /e/OS 1.19 and Android 10. Now I need to know the version of the Bluetooth that this combo supports. How best to figure out? e-foundation states ‘Bluetooth V4.2’ under Could it be possible that this has been upgraded with a new e/OS release? does not answer this.

Thank you in advance

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Good question !

First I went to

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > 3 dot menu top right > Show system > Bluetooth > Advaced …

Tells me I have version 10 of

Does not answer your question.

I happen to have AIDA64 installed

AIDA64 > system > Bluetooth version

In my case Bluetooth version is 4.1 – I think this is the answer in my case (but I am aware of further sub-sections of Bluetooth for some devices).

Tested on 1.10-beta-q-20230329274394-dev-a3xelte