How to disable caller ID?

Under Calling accounts I have similar to you, on 1.11-q-20230514289715-dev-a3xelte. (where q represents Android version)

You might identify your device similarly [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc.

On a few of mine (HavocOS Pie, /e/OS 1.8.1-q and crDroid A11) the option in the dialer is at…

Settings → Calls (Call settings) → GSM call settings → Additional settings

crDroid Oreo dialer uses same location stated by @aibd .

On the Teracube (/e/OS 1.10-r) there are no Caller ID settings. I have same screens as @elhdjrmlifq6 .

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maybe that feature is disabled in the phone but managed by your carrier (?)

you may try USSD codes / MMI (…31…) note the codes may vary depending on your provider

edit: also note that the codes in the table of the linked wiki-page contain space characters for readability … those blanks are not part of the actual codes

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Carrier says it is not disabled and referred me to the stock Oxygen Nord OS instructions
How would we see if /e/os has it disabled? Is there a way to tag the mods?
Dialing codes still exist so, that is an option.

Interesting side-note for anyone reading along: caller ID is actually controlled by the call recipient, i.e. the equipment the call recipient has, overrides any caller ID settings the caller may have put in place.
i.e.2: if one were to call an airline, it will be able to see your number even if you have your caller ID blocked.
I learned this from my service provider.

/e/OS version: 1.5-q-20221031230909-dev-avicii

Your device has builds up to 1.8.1-r and 1.11-s. Sticking with Q out of preference?
My mata is also on Q though I have the same options.

Only one of my devices has a carrier (T-Mobile) SIM, the rest are data only but still have the Caller ID section. Not usable of course. Trying to access will produce a “Network or SIM card error” dialog.

For the Teracube I may swap in the TMO SIM and see if Caller ID shows up.

Oh? Where do you see that? I’ve checked for updates and it says no updates available.

Probably because OTA is not available between the Android versions. You will have to do a manual/fresh install.
Both stable and dev are available.

Install /e/OS on a OnePlus Nord - “avicii”

The last one was available OTA. Did they stop offering this?
Manual is too cumbersomeakd risky to attempt for no reason. Especially if we don’t know what new features have been added.
Also, we still don’t know what the story is about the caller id setting.

They stopped offering Q. Once you manually go to aother version the OTA would be available. At least while builds are still active.

We do know what new feature have been added.
Releases · e / os / releases · GitLab

Agreed on the Caller ID thing which is why I didn’t recommend updating. A time consuming and risky venture just to discover nothing has changed.

How did you find out there’s new versions available?
I didn’t receive any notification or anything. Last time I learned of one was the 1.5 that I now have…

I just went to go and manually check the device page once you mentioned what yours was.

My Essential PH-1 mata has Android 11/R and 12/S available and I always knew but wasn’t interested. It has Android 10/Q but no mention via OTA Updater that updates are available. If I weren’t already aware I too would’ve thought Q was the last.

Makes me wonder how many other users may have newer Android versions available for their device but not know it.
Might be a good idea to keep one’s device and/or builds pages bookmarked. Checking once in awhile, just in case.

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Before taking the update plunge, I may have a workaround on the Caller ID.

I mentioned the settings on my other ROMs but nothing on the Teracube. Then I thought what if the settings are present but hidden for some reason. Yep, that was the case.
Via App Manager I checked the activities of Phone Services. Found the GSM activities. At first I looked for ‘caller’ with no luck. Then ‘gsm’.

At the bottom of the list is GMS/UMTS Options. That activity launches the screen with the two entries. ‘Additional settings’ is where the Caller ID is.
At the top of the list is ‘GSM call settings’ activity. Direct shot to the aforementioned ‘Additonal settings’.

There are many shortcut creation tools and activity launchers out there. Try one and see if the settings are also hidden in your ROM.

There is also CDMA Options activity if applicable.


That’s pretty cool, will look into it.
Caller ID is not a big deal, just surprised the setting is not included.
As for the ID update, I previously ignored updates on my iPhone because each successive version got worse and worse with less functionality and worse experience.
This is the only version of android I’ve ever had so I don’t know what to expect from version 11 or 12.
Thoughts on that?

As the feature to disable/ turn off caller ID (senders number appearing to receiver) is not present in /e/ OS, at least in the 1.5 version for Oneplus Nord, this is a workaround enabling the option. Marking as solved accordingly. Thank you @marcdw!

P. S. Installed “Activity Launcher” from app lounge

FYI to all reading: be advised that no matter the settings on one’s device, the recipient still has the ability to override blocked caller ID and see a senders phone number. This is done at a carrier level.

I.e. If a business has AT&T (or other carriers) and wishes to pay to be able to see all incoming numbers, it can do so.

just in adition:
it´s either calling line identification restriction override (CLIRO) or automatic number identification (ANI)
emergency servies and police etc. will most likely use it by default

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Certainly government and emergency services can and should have this option, no question.
Any private business being able to do so, on the otherhand just by paying for it, an option which is not available for small independent subscribers, is disagreeable.
Good find on the acronym!

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Well, after a short time on LOS A12/S I did not like it at all. From look and feel to certain behaviors, it was a no go for me.

/e/OS has had quite the number of improvements since your 1.5. The previously linked release notes will give you an idea.

I cannot say which Android version you should choose. Since you may(?) have to start from scratch anyway you can test both. Time and effort though.
Maybe start with A12. Find you like it okay you will be done and already on the latest.

If I can get some battery life improvement I’ll be happy!

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