How to disable MAC Randomisatioin?

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This HowToGeek link suggests I should be able to disable MAC Radomization by a selecting the option ‘Use device MAC’:
Settings > Network and Internet > Internet > [options cog of the connected wifi network] > Randomised MAC Address
But, tapping on Randomised MAC Address doesn’t bring up any options.

There is a cryptic setting under Developer Options:
Wi-Fi non-persistent MAC randomisation
With the description ‘When this mode is enabled, the devices MAC address may change each time that it connects to a network that has MAC randomisation enabled’
Which suggests there should be an option to enable/ disable MAC randomisation (and perhaps suggests it doesn’t work or doesn’t always work…)

How do I enable/ disable MAC randomisation?

/e/OS 2.1-t-20240603406607-stable-redfin

You control it per WiFi network. Select the gear next to the network you want to change and a listing for Privacy will show if device mac or randomized mac are being used doe that network. No need to dig into developer setrings.

Ok I see now you are in the right place but where it shows randomized mac toward the bottom is display only. Scroll up a bit to find the privacy setting that is changeable.

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Thanks for that @rikshaw - so simple, when you know how… :wink:

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