How to display time and date in call register

Hi, I love the e/OS/, but one thing bugs me. In phone appliaction I see calls history only with relative times, like “2 hours ago”, “3 days ago”, etc. Is it possible to show time and date of the calls in the register? Same behaviour I see in graphene too. But Samsung with stock fw display calls as they happened by days with exact time, which is better. Thank you.

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while not in the listing - you can get the exact timestamp in the “call details” each after the call item selection

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Thank you, I found it. It is better than nothing, but I’d still prefer to see it in the listing, it would still be much more convenient. So it is not possible?

not possible. Though it would be easy to change the behaviour in code

… but harder to bring somebody to merge it and carry it along.

The days of Apple-II-in-your-hands haven’t dawned upon us yet sadly.