How to do a backup?

I want to make a backup of all my contacts and save it to my PC, how do I do that?

I can’t find the “backup” option, usually found in System > Backup . It’s not there. How can I enable it?

You can use SMS Import/Export from f-droid

Hello, you can follow this support page that explains how to back up everything :

To backup contacts, you must go in the parameters of the contact app.
You can also sync and backup your contacts with an e OS account or some other type of accounts and then restore or export them in contacts files

I want to do a backup from /e/ OS, I am already on /e/ OS. The System > Backup option is missing, is this the case for everybody or just for me? Can I enable it?

It’s there for me, /e/OS 1.16.1-t on FP5.

Regarding backing up contacts: in the Contacts app, I have an option “Settings” - “Export” with the choice to either export the contacts to a VCF file (which may then be copied to a PC e.g. via USB connection) or to share all contacts (I never tried this one).

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