How to download and log in to WhatsApp on Fairphone 4 e/OS?

Yesterdag I could download WhatsApp on my new Fairphone. The problem was how to login to it!
My phone asks a unknown way to confirm my identity.
Today I can’t find the app back again. What should I do?

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Send us screenshots, please.

Can’t make a screenshot of an app that is impossible to find (back).


You can’t find it in the main screen (only guessing with the few information given), but can you find it in Settings > Applications > Whatsapp? If so uninstall it through here and reinstall it with App Lounge. And then share screenshots of the weird authentication message.

If it’s not visible in Settings > Applications then it’s not installed and you can install it again.

You could use your App Store App, search for WhatsApp and see what it shows - install or open. If there is “open”, then you could start it this way.

My problem is resolved!
Thanks a lot for reacting. I was quit slow with answering. I’m sorry. This is all very new to me.

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