How to download files from murena cloud account to phone?

I cannot figure out how to do it. I have the phone hooked up to the cloud account. All I want to do is download a file I transferred from my desktop to the cloud. I do not want to sync my phone since I have tons of stuff I’ve collected over the years on my phone and it would take days if not weeks.

I just want to transfer a file from the cloud to my phone.

Can this be done?

Thank you !!!

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you could just use the browser to login to and download this way? website renders well on mobile.

Other than that, Syncthing is a great way to sync selectively desktop to mobile without an intermediary.


I would say the same as @tcecyk : use the browser to download the file. Or what other method would you expect to have? I would be interested.

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Also, from the desktop machine, you could decide to share the cloud file, and post the share link to the phone by mail…

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