How to emulate Note 10 plus launcher

Hi there,

I’m a long time Samsung Note user and was super happy to see the possibility to install degoogled os on the phone. I have just finished installing e/os and am trying to adjust to all the changes. Before going through the struggle, I wondered if there were some customizations that others have done, which help the phone function in the original way.

For example, I’m used to the navigation bar at the bottom, with 3 choices. The 3 bars, the box and the arrow. The arrow I use the most, which lets you go back one step or page from where you are now. Is there a 3rd party launcher with that feature? Or how is everyone achieving that function?

Is there a launcher that allows easy customization? I used to have 3 home pages, that I could move between.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Do they have that “back” option? On a stock Samsung galaxy, it is the bottom right on the navigation bar.

Maybe I’m not describing it well, but I use it all the time. If this isn’t available, what are people doing instead?

For example, when I’m in a search browser and I click on a couple links, but I want to go back to my original page, or just one page back, I would tap the icon in the right lower corner. Now I either have to start the search over, or navigate to the history tab in the browser.

Or if I’m in another app and want to back up a couple steps and search another directions, again that was the method I used. Navigation on the phone is very inefficient for me now. There must be another way.

Perhaps use the Search function in Settings for Navigation. Does “On screen Navigation bar” do some of what you need?

I found “Navigation bar”, but not “On screen navigation bar”. The area I found, did not produce an onscreen option.

Maybe your settings option is specific for the launcher you have? Are you using something different than Bliss?

I am using Bliss on a Samsung A3. Clearly you are looking for something different – as you describe in your OP. So I searched a little and read

You can make the most of your screen by using full screen gestures. This will completely eliminate the navigation buttons to make more room.

do the settings within /e/ allow you to follow this ?

Go to Settings System Advanced Gestures “System Navigation” and choose 3-button navigation.

This is the winner here. I did activate the 3 buttons, thanks to the comment below, but this gesture option is better. The 3 buttons are in the inverse order, so it wasn’t intuitive.

But with the gestures, I realized the “back button” is just a side swipe. It’s amazing how helpful that function is. Thanks for the help.

There you go. That’s what I was looking for. But it turns out the buttons are in the inverse order of what I’m used to. Now that I learned the correct gesture swipe, that works even better. Thanks.

Nova launcher is the closest option I can find to what I’m used to. I know it’s not FOSS, but it appears to work fine. Thanks.