How to enable arrows below the keyboard for cursor movement?

In Q (Android 10] release or pre-1.9-R (Abdroid 11), there was somewhere a settings for activating a language switcher or arrows for moving the cursor (right and left). The controls appeared in the bar below the keyboard. I cannot find the settings for it nowhere in 1.9-r. Can anybody direct me to such settings, please?

Note: The current bar below the keyboard contains a single action, an arrow to hide the keyboard.

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Long-tap the space key? (If you have more than one language configured?)

Settings - System - Buttons - Show arrow keys while typing


Yes, thank you. I found out more limiting conditions. In the historical times I was referring to, I used 3-button navigation. The settings for arrow keys is there, where you pointed me. A while ago I switched to gesture navigation and I’ve got so use to it that I’ve forgot about the settings. The settings for the arrow keys does not appear anymore in Settings.

The bottom bar for buttons appears when a keyboard is activated and a single arrow is shown, to hide the keyboard, see screenshot. The space there is otherwise useless. It would be handy to have the arrow keys there.

That seems to be by design. The arrow keys only show when using 3-button and 2-button navigation. With gesture navigation you will not get arrows.

With a number of other keyboards, like OpenBoard, sliding across the spacebar will move the cursor. The default LOS/Android keyboard sadly does not do that.

In old /e/OS version, there is another option in Settings / System / Buttons / Buttons and layout / Extra left or right button type = Keyboard switcher

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Reformulated it would create a valid request, but the result is not meeting the expectations: the black bottom bar is there in both cases:

The Hide keyboard arrow and action still generates the bottom bar.

Expexted changes in my understanding are:

  1. Get rid of the Hide keyboard action and dismiss the bortom bar as it us expected for swipe navigation
  2. Allow Keyboard arrows as the bottom bar is available.

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