How to enable/disable a sim card?


Is there a way to enable/disable a sim card with a phone with dual sim feature?

I’m using the fairphone 2 with two sim cards, one sim as private number and the other as business number. The FP OS does have this feature, but it seems missing at /e/os or I won’t find it.

Thanks in advance for help.

@rhunault @PaulaFairphone Please can you offer any suggestions to @vic.fontaine he is using a fairphone

I only have one SIM, so I can’t test dual SIM, but with just one SIM inserted I can confirm that there is no option to disable that SIM. On FPOOS and Lineage OS 15.1 it’s available.

So completely switching off one SIM doesn’t seem to be an option in /e/ yet. If you just want to switch which SIM to use for fast internet connection you have to set the preferred network type for the other SIM to 2G.

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As PaulaFairphone said, it is an option available on LOS 15.1, so on /e/ 0.2 (see screenshot bellow from Xiaomi Mi A1). So this option will be available when /e/ 0.2 will be available for Fairphone 2.


Thanks guys for your quick reply!

@rhunault: When will /e/ 0.2 be available for FP2?

As always with software development there can not be any time guaranteed and the devs said in November:

Also, for now, supporting formerly supported (Nougat) devices on Oreo is not a priority project.

Alright, I’ll wait patiently.

As @Markus said, no date for the moment.