How to enable HDMI output on USB-C

if I understood correctly Android 10 as standard will connect a HDMI monitor with the appropriate adapter to the phone on USB-C

It works on a Samsung Galaxy S8 (here u even have DEX which can replace a basic laptop/pc/tabket!)

It doesn’t work on my eOS fairphone3

Do we have to enable this somewhere?

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Check the Fairphone site or phone info. Not all phones support external video. It’s a hardware thing. Doesn’t matter if it is USB-C or microUSB, Android 5 or Android 10/11. Of my devices, the Essential PH-1 (USB-C, /e/OS Pie), OnePlus 8T (USB-C, stock OxygenOS Android 11), and LG-G3 (microUSB, multiple ROMs - KitKat thru Oreo) have video out. The rest do not. Kind of a bummer considering my ZTE Axon 7, something of a multimedia device with dual front-firing speakers, Dolby ATMOS, and USB-C, has no video out.

Searching the web I get conflicting info. There’s no technical info from Fairphone showing it supports DisplayPort. There are articles out there saying you can use (or try) MHL or SlimPort adapters for video out. That can be an expensive what-if though.

I personally don’t think the Fairphone 3 supports video out. Maybe other FP users can say otherwise.

Hey thanks a ton! Yes the fairphone 3 doesn’t support it.

Otherwise I’d had a fair desktop solution as well…