How to enable Trebuchet as possible homescreen / launcher

As discussed in several posts, the Trebuchet launcher is present in the /e/OS ROM but it cannot be used as the default launcher / homescreen: this functionality has apparently been disabled.

In my CUSTOM-UPSTREAM builds, I would like to re-enable the functionality. I’m pretty sure this will be a trivial change, and I can probably find out where the change needs to be made by searching through the source. But if anyone here already knows where to look, it might save me a bit of time and effort :slight_smile:

Thanks in anticipation

Never mind - I’ve found it (by searching the forum a bit more closely). If you want to make a build with this functionality (re-)enabled, then navigate to packages/app/Trebuchet and do

git checkout 126f83cdc2bddb87915959d191d8fa42609e7448

This reverts the commit which removed the functionality