How to find out state of /e/ for a device? Or: Build Status definition?

I would like to know the state of /e/ for a device, i.e. whether it is only recommended for developers or already for end users. I assume that is related to the field “Build Status” with a value like “dev” that can be found for all devices supported by /e/ like e.g. Fairphone3 but what does “dev” stand for?

I did not find an answer in the community nor the documentation

Dev or Development builds are what go out Over the Air (OTA) for all users. These are also the official builds. This is recommended for end users . Though /e/ is still in ‘beta’ the OS is quite stable . Most of us have been using it on our phones for more than a year.
There is an explanation of the build types here

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Thank you @Manoj! Now I have a clearer understanding.

I have read the linked doc page, but it does explain other build status than “dev” which is mentioned in the device’s pages :frowning:

That is true - we mention everything other than ‘dev’ on the page. May be because we expect soon to remove the dev tag and move to stable or release - a tag for all users and delivered OTA.

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