How to flash a driver?



Hi !

I’m using /e/ on my LG G5 and there is a problem with NFC (ticket already opened on Gitlab). The toggle is greyed out (randomly “on” or “off”). And it could be the cause of battery drain (10% in 10 minutes, using the phone).

I’ve found a thread with the same thing (on LineageOS 14.1 with MicroG) and there is a fix :

So how to flash/install a NFC driver ?

Battery draining fast on Moto G4 Plus

I have had a short look into the xda posts They are linking on a zip file

you can download and flash it via TWRP like e or magisk or any other flashable zip.


Done and it’s works !

In fact, on a LG G5 with /e/, I can confirm NFC is activated by default AND the toggle is greyed out so I understand the strange battery drain…