How to flash a stock rom ,android 11, when you have installed allready e/os

I have my phone with e/os installed and wanna upgrade to R. It says that if my phone has an android upgrade to 11, I need to flash it on top of my e/os build. then install e/os R. How I might do it?

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Hi @udengoogle, It would help to have more information to give precise advice

What device do you have?
What eOS version are you running?
What android version was on your device before installing eOS?

the device is google pixel 4a, where I have installed e/os 0.18, and the version of firmware was android 10 when I installed the e/os

Use the Search:

thanks. All these ones are when you have allready android google installed, not when you have installed e/. So I should just flash it through sideload ?

Right. You will need to flash Stock Android 11. It should be fairly easy, especially if you are running something like ubuntu on your pc?

It involves running a script that flashes your device while it is in fastboot mode

Here is the google instruction page for doing this. (I’ve done this a few times on Pixel 5 by the way).
Scroll down and download the latest Android 11 for your device and verify the download with the SHA-256 Checksum.

Carefully follow the instructions on the page.

Once the script is running be patient with the process, there are a few long pauses when you might think nothing is happening. Also the device goes into different modes a couple of times. It’s fairly obvious when it is finished!


Right. That is informative.