How to flash /e/ recovery.img to Samsung

Samsung disables fastboot per default, so what’s the best (safest, Windows) way to flash recovery.img?

Is packing with 7-zip and flashing with Odin still safe? (Convert TWRP .img to .tar (for ODIN)[Easy] | XDA Forums)

TWRP is available in both formats, .IMG and .TAR

.TAR works with odin
.IMG works with heimdall
.IMG and .ZIP works with twrp
.ZIP works with e-recovery


Thanks, but that’s not the point. TWRP is already installed. I want to flash /e/ recovery instead. On Windows, i.e. not using Heimdall. Using either Odin or TWRP, if that’s possible. Can I flash a different recovery from an installed TWRP?

adb sideload works with .ZIP files.
/e/ recovery comes in .IMG format.
Is it safe to TAR with 7-zip and flash with Odin?

Also: is it possible to replace TWRP by enabling the “Update recovery” switch in Developer options?

I’m unsure where to install recovery, and where TWRP currently is. I’m on the Galaxy S5 Neo, latest /e/ release (August 27, 2021). Doesn’t look like an A/B partition scheme. Both boot & recovery partitions are ~ 30 MB in size.

Hmm, I guess recovery.img means it usually goes to recovery partition. :wink: Default before A/B partitioning, if I recall correctly. Sorry, I’m a bit rusty.

Here’s another way of flashing *.img, via adb shell/dd:

So, flashing recovery.img with TWRP sort-of worked - and failed. After the Samsung logo boot animation I got a black screen, and nothing. I pulled the battery and re-flashed TWRP. No harm done… but not recommended with a fixed battery. :-1: What went wrong?

I then switched “Update recovery” on in developer options, whereupon I got the NOTICE:

When this feature is anabled, your installed recovery will be replaced by one included with the current version of the running OS.
Your recovery will be updated along with the upgrades to your system, helping to ensure compatibility with future versions.

Next I checked for updates, but it didn’t offer to only “update” my recovery, and I’m already on the latest /e/ version. We’ll see what happens when the next update rolls around…

To close out this thread, currently /e/ recovery on the S5 Neo and others appears to be bugged, according to this thread.

May I ask why? What advantage does /e/ recovery offer over TWRP?