How to forward or redirect my emails

Hey everyone. I wanted to know how to forward all incoming emails, or redirect the emails to another email address. I looked in the settings as I thought this wouldn’t be too difficult but I cannot seem to find it within the settings at all.


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It seems that there’s no feature for that in the ecloud.

But perhaps you can do it from the other side. Many mail servers allow to configure a bridge to another mail server which is then used for automated polling in background, mostly over simple POP3. The polling interval may be not very high, once a day or so, but you get all your stuff. I had such bridges for years.

Go to then add a “forward” filter without condition.


That’s what I thought and I have set that up as you can see in the screenshot provided below. Unless I have a setting incorrect. I have tested it with an email sent to the address but no dice. It never forwarded it.

Just tested working: