How to get a Custom ROM that passes SafetyNet

I wanted to get some family members to use /e/. Unfortunaly some apps like Pokemon Go or Banking Apps don’t work because the safetynet check fails.
That’s an dealbreaker.

But the idea to get a phone with an Custom ROM, so you don’t have to buy a new one every 2 years because of lacking software updates, is still appealing.
Is it possible to use a custom ROM like /e/, LineageOS or any other in a way, it passes the safetynet check? Of course any privacy related advantages most Custom ROMs provide will be lost when the phone is compromised with google code.
We thought about something like LineageOS (or/e/) together with openGApps. Maybe it can provide all necessary software needed to pass the check?
But to be honest, I didn’t even understand completely what OpenGApps is useful for and if its a full replacement of all Google Services.

Note: It is important to be easy to use once installed and set up.

Hope you can help me.


It’s important to note that OpenGApps is something of a missnomer. Its more or less the exact same google services that you would have on a proprietary / closed version of Android from any phone vendor.

Its mainly for people who want the features of custom ROMs like LineageOS and don’t want to loose out on the official google services. It’s one advantage is that it does come in a lightweight variant that gives you the core google play and push messaging features without other google products like youtube, gmail, etc. (Though those can be loaded from the app store.)

Since /e/ has MicroG baked in I do not know if it is possible to load it onto /e/. Their may be some conflicts. As MicroG reproduces much of the same APIs , package names and spoofs signatures of official google services.


I wanted to add that the /e/ foundation is looking into SafetyNet spoofing. This might be a good read: /e/ & 2021: the year everything is going to change (2/2) — A product roadmap

That being said apps that depend on microtransactions like PokemonGo might be out of reach for /e/ for a good long time. Even if they pass SafetyNet it may not be possible to use their in game shops on /e/.


Search this forum in a way to :
Install magisk, set magiskhide,
and you can activate securitypass

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