How to get /e/? - a stable URL to get hold of that info

How to get /e/ is a question that will be probably asked a lot and on a regular basis - once v1.0 has gone public. I think it could be good idea to have a dedicated webpage with a fix multilanguage URL where the different ways how to get hold of /e/ will be exlained (self-installation, support with self-installation, purchase of refurbished phones and maybe in the future puchase of official e-phones.

But the point I would like to stress: it should be a stable URL that is easy to refer to (maybe like


Hi, thank you for your thought.

Yes, a clear page that linked to detailed other pages is needed.
Like you, I think every single detail should be explained in order to make /e/ an easy thing and not a geek thing. (My howto about the installation on Samsung phones shows how details matters to me).

We will do everything we can to bring /e/ to people. That’s why your last topic about the 5-10 pages PDF isn’t bad or useless at all. Perhaps it won’t be in that format but more explanations and detailed howto with images and videos are needed for sure.

A new website is coming soon, let’s hope it will be clearer :slight_smile:


And hope the name would be better :wink:

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that’s what I mean :slight_smile:

@ralxx the url should be shorter too.
Maybe get.e or someting like that.

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