How to get informations about maintainer of a special device

Dear community,

i am curious about which developer maintains updates for a specific device, is there any place i can find information about who supports this? In my case, it´s about Mi 10T Pro.

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For your device, it is not specified :

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If the builds are official, then they are supported by the /e/ team along with the volunteer maintainers. If you ask questions here and / or raise issues in gitlab, they will get a response from the relevant team member(s). Not a good idea to try to communicate with individual team members or maintainers, as they may be absent, moved on to different work within the /e/ team, or even moved away from /e/ altogether.

For unofficial and custom builds and devices, then you can see who has made and / or publicised the most recent builds. These ROM builders may offer different levels of support from the official team. Speaking personally, as the the builder of unofficial and custom ROMs for a few devices, I would prefer to be contacted in a forum post or, if there is a reason for a discussion not to be public, then (reluctantly) in a private message. Other ROM builders / maintainers may have different preferences.

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Thank you both very much for those informations.

I understand that some maintainers won´t like to get in touch with users for different reasons. My initial thought was to get more information about the status of an maybe coming soon update. And instead of using the device page take a look directly on a developers page or something similar. But it´s ok that way, i have to be patient… :slight_smile: