How to get root/Magisk in /e/ on the Fairphone 3?

So the installation guide does not answer the question how you can install/get root access (likely with Magisk) on your FP3 with /e/.

Is there any guide?


There is no information about root, because root is not needed and nothing fir ‘mums and dads’.

People who knows about root and the risk of root should know how to flash.

I prefer NEVER root your device. There us always a way to go without

The FP3 is the only smartphone so far supported by /e/ that offers the possibility to close the bootloader after the installation of the custom /e/ ROM - thus significantly increasing device security.

In my opinion, a rooting counteracts this security feature.

fastboot flashing lock

The last command will ask you to confirm on the device to lock the bootloader. Select LOCK THE BOOTLOADER with Volume + and valid with Power.

/e/ documentation Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP3 - “FP3”

But I don’t understand this feature. Because you can unlock it easy. Everywhere are howto’s. For My Xiaomi for example is a unlock toll available which will unlock the bootloader in seconds. So if there is a hacker which want steel your data he has enough tools to unlock the bootloader. I think the only way to secure your data is encrypt your phone.

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To unlock the bootloader, you need to connect the phone to a computer that’s the only case prevented by relocking the bootloader.

Question :
Is it possible to flash the with TWRP or adb sideload before relocking the booloader ?

It isn’t about simply unlocking/locking the bootloader, but about “Verified Boot” which a locked bootloader ensures.

Verified Boot is an important aspect for more device security and privacy protection. You understand this as a semi-professional with certainty, if you are only willing.

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Ah, ok, the verified boot I have overseen.

Did you change your mind ? :yum:

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No, but I accept if someone want secure his phone. For me it’s a no go. :upside_down_face:


The e documentation will not cover rooting information as it is not required for the installation of /e/OS. You can check XDA or other web forums for more information on how to root.

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I flashed Magisk using adb sideload. Check my post on the fairphone forum. Mind that you can’t lock back the bootloader : it will corrupt the system.


The e documentation will not cover rooting information as it is not required for the installation of /e/OS. You can check XDA or other web forums for more information on how to root.

@Manoj please don’t. Please don’t go that way. Being able to have root or not, is absolutely a core issue. You can not own your data without being root. If there’s someone able to tell you what you are or are not allowed to do with your data - someone able to deny access to your data, at that moment it’s not your data any more. (check the thread linked by @lost_geographer for some illustrations of why)

Please bring this up with your management. This is essential.

I do understand the arguments for preventing root access: “mum and pop”, “hellish to support”, “protect the user”, “protect system integrity” and all, but this is all background priority.

The /e/ foundation’s core promise, the “selling point”, is: “my data is my data”. If you break that promise, then nothing remains left of /e/. “No one cares about /e/” (be ware: hyperbole!), people are buying/installing /e/ for the trust in your promise.

I know I can somehow hack my device but that immediately gets me into a swamp (check the thread, find the posts about “system corruption”). I hate it: I went through all that bloody nonsense several time already with a couple of devices. I hate it. That’s why I bought a Fairphone with /e/: someone did the work for me, the phone is clean, I have peace of mind, nobody is f**ing with my data.

If you are telling me I am not intended to get root on the device, then you are breaking the trust I put in you. I will probably not send the device back, I’m too fed up with all the idle jumping through many hoops. But I will not recommend it. “my data is my data” will become just another set of word disembowled by marketing from their meaning.

Please do not. Please bring this up with management. Please find an acceptable way (for you and for the user) to let the user to be root.


maybe e think root is bad and we are to stupid to deal with it, so they need to protect us from the evil.

this makes e (for me) to a placeholder until a other distribution came out somethink like LOS or other derivates with respect the freedom of choice of ther users.

Anyway you will find working howto’s for magisk on fp3 in the fairphone forum.