How to go forward in web apps saved by Bromite?

Hello! :slight_smile:

iI have saved a couple of forums like the e community as an app. I know how to go back to a previous page, but how would I go forward to the page I went back from?

Thanks for the future insight!

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kind of the same in Bromite/Chrome/Firefox - in the sandwich menu is a forward button.

I don’t know why they didn’t implement swipe-left-on-address-bar to do that too

Where is the sandwich menu? I can’t see any kind of button on that screen…

uh sorry, three dot menu, apparently it’s named “kebab menu” TIL

Well, I have saved those pages as WebApps. This means that you don’t have any visible buttons any more. You can go back with that back button of the OS but not the back button in Bromite any more. And if I do so, how can I go forward?

Here is the screenshot of my FP4 with the whole screen Fullscreen with the web app for the community.

ok got it - I think with PWAs it’s up the authors to surface any buttons in theri UI that can make use of the History API. I’m surprised myself