How to have a BETTER camera on your S10+

Hey :slight_smile:

I just installed /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ (beyond2lte) and one thing that I found deceptive is the camera.

By default, the camera is Open Camera and the quality of pictures is Mokayyy. If you want to take a picture of your grocery list, it does the job, but if you want to take really good pictures, you’re gonna to be limited.

Another thing, is that the S10+ have 3 camera (0,5 ; 1,0 and 1,9) and Open Camera can only use the 1,0. If you bought the S10+ for the three camera you’re gonna to be a bit disappointed. But hey, I have a solution for you! :wink:

First: No, you can’t use the Samsung Camera app. To my understanding, the app is made to work with Samsung firmware and since you’re on /e/, you’re kinda screwed.


First solution:

You can download Google Camera. The quality of image is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Open Camera and it can work well on the S10+ if you select the right APK.

It still privacy friendly, since the Google Camera you’re gonna to use is a clone made by an independent developer and the app don’t use internet (just to be sure, you can block the internet access of the app in /e/ settings)

Side note: The app is not the official Google Camera, it’s a clone made by an independent developer (in fact there’s multiple developers who does the same thing). So, it’s up to you to trust the app in term of security. If you want to know more about that, you can read this and this. It’s believed to be pretty safe tho’ :wink:

The APK that work well with the S10+ is MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b_ruler.apk (my choice)

Another that seem work well is the ZGCAM_7.4_V1.03359.apk (haven’t tested much)

By default you have access at two camera. To enable the third you need to go to the settings of the Google Camera > Modules > White list > enter “52” (it’s the id of the third camera)

Dang! you have three working cameras :smiley:

If you want to take pictures in 16:9 (the default format of Open Camera), tap on the arrow in the top of the screen to show settings, then scroll in this pop up until you see “Format” and select the icon on the left.

Second solution:

You can download Secure Camera from App Lounge (it’s from GrapheneOS developers, so it’s privacy friendly and from a trusted source).

It seem to produce better pictures quality than Open Camera and the UI is much more friendly. But you can’t have three working cameras, only one (1,0 one)

I hope this helped you!


To switch between the default, wide and tele lenses in OpenCamera, tap on the little symbol in the top right corner in the ‘live view’ of the camera, just left of the preview of the previous pic taken.

Doesn’t that work for you?

Do you have a screen shot? I’m on s9 plus and i don’t have that.

Seems you have it right there, only with the orientation as in your screenshot, it’s above the prev pic preview.

Yeah that doesn’t do anything on mine. Just seems to refresh the current camera. It says back camera id 0, when i press it again and every time i do it keeps saying camera id 0. Also i see what you meant by top right lol
Its top right on mine too when I’m in portrait. Does it switch on your phone? You have an s10+?

Sure, it switches along with portrait/landscape mode. And indeed, that screenshots from an s10+, where the cycling cams button Just Works™

The camera app on the s9 (starlte) here it doesn’t show that icon cos there’s only one rear and one front cam.

I found one that lets me change it in the settings, extra steps but at least i get to use it now

I have an s9+
I don’t see anything on my phone about the dual back cameras so I’m trying whatever i can! Lol