How to hide root?

Some apps detecting root how to hide root ?

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ehm…no, this is not correct.
Bootloader unlocking and rooting are different procedures: you can have an unlocked bootloader without having a rooted system.

It depends on how did you root the phone… If you used Magisk, you can enable the MagiskHide features, that allows you to chose which apps shouldn’t see that the phone is rooted.

Some home-banking apps can also check if rooting applications are installed: Magisk allows you to install its managing app (Magisk Manager) with a different name, so it doesn’t get recognized by other apps.

I didnt root phone only install rom if i install magisk and hiding magisk is it work ?

How can i lock bootloader ?

Informative discussion.

Mine is Redmi Note 4. I ve installed /e/ rom and i havent rooted the phone.
Only my bootloader is unlock (required to install /e/ rom)

Some banking and financial apks dont get installed on my phone.
Is there any way to get out of it ??
Thanks in advance

Plz send me link magisk for eos android 7.1 n7100 device

What if I only want to hide Unblock of Bootloader? I dont want to root my phone. ???


Sorry, I misunderstood your message.


It never happened to me to find someone referring to “bootloader unlocking” as “phone rooting”. Looks like I was lucky.

He didn’t specified that in the OP. If some apps detect root (not a generic “phone modification”, which could have made me think about unlocked bootloader as the source of the problem) I assume that the phone is rooted.
It seems quite logical to me.

Actually, he did