How to I move Default apps from the Display?

I am looking for a way to not remove Default Apps, is there a way to move them off the display panel? Kind to clutters things up.


No way, the only way is tobput them all in one Folder

Or using a better launcher like librechair or ‘total launcher’

I would guess to move them into a folder move one on top of the other?

Yes, if you move one over another, a new folder will.created.

Try Librechair, it’s a great launcher and allows much customization. Blizz seems to want to be IOS :slight_smile:


100% :+1::+1::+1:

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I use Evie Launcher. Pretty awesome in terms of features.
(not open source though)

Other launcher option is ‘open launcher’. Free, FOSS.

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I have forgetton: librechair is also FOSS, of course :wink:

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