How to import Google Keep notes into /e/



I still don’t have an /e/ compatible phone, but I want to start migrating all my Google data into the /e/ webservices in order to have as much as possible ready when I get my compatible phone.
I want to import my Google Keep notes into /e/ notes webservice, but I don’t see any ‘import’ button such as the one in the ‘contacts’ section (thanks @Manoj for the HOWTO on importing contacts), or maybe there’s no such possibility, I don’t know
If importing notes is possible, I would appreciate a small HOWTO on that, and if it isn’t as straightaway as importing contacts, it would be grate if you could make a small guide or explanation on how to do it too.

Thanks for the support


Hi @graz not sure there is a import setting in Keep. I used to use Google Keep Notes earlier and had only one note there. I copied it on an email and sent it to myself in /e/ and pasted it in the Notes app and deleted it from Keep. That ‘solved’ my problem :slight_smile:


/e/ uses the Nextcloud-Notes app for notes.
I am not aware that it provides an import functionality.

Perhaps this article helps:

Otherwise I would suggest Copy&Paste.


Thanks @Manoj The problem is that I have over 300 notes, many of them with pictures and links and most of them consisting of lists with this “check” icon, which means that I cant copy and paste the whole note, but I have to copy and paste every element of the list one by one, as well as the pictures, which seems crazy…

@Markus I’ve also seen in your article (thanks!) that there’s an option to download Google Data with Google Takeout. I’ve downloaded the Keep data, and the exported file consists of a list of all the notes in html, which are easy to copy and paste, links and pictures. The problem is that the links and pictures are not together in the same html file, but in some other part of the list, which means that I would have to find the picture (which are named by the date) with its matching text or link and copy both to a new note in /e/ notes. It looks like a bit of work, but I think that’s the best solution, at least for me. I hope this helps other people with the same problem

Thanks for your help


I find Standard Notes to be a great open source and privacy focused alternative to Google Keep. It’s definitely not seamless but they have some import suggestions that might work for other note apps as well.


@graz, on other ROMs I’ve been using Joplin as a Google Keep alternative. Did the copy/paste thing but I only have a fraction of the notes you have.

I just came across another app called Carnet. In its description it says it can import Keep notes (on the desktop) and then sync to the mobile. At first thought I figured it could be a middleman to get your stuff onto Notes. Alas, since Notes has no import or FileOpen type of function that idea went phht. :ghost:
At the moment there’s no easy way to get your stuff moved over it seems.

Carnet (Powerful note taking app with sync and online editor) -


Thanks anyway, @marcdw ! I’ll have a look on Carnet, as it looks it has a bit more functions than Notes.