How to install my energy company's app - 'Pure Planet'?

I’ve been on / e / for a little over a month now, and am a big fan!

There are just two issues I haven’t been able to resolve:

  1. Our electricity+gas are supplied by the renewable energy Pure Planet (their website), and to supply them with meter readings I need their app. It’s on the Apple Store and Google Play, but I can’t find it via Apps or the Aurora Store, which are the only routes I know to find apps for / e /. Is there another way to get it?
  1. Most of my apps update just fine, but a couple of apps installed via Aurora Store (Riseup VPN and Lawnchair 2) won’t seem to update successfully. After downloading the updates, when I try to install I just get a message: “Conflicting package exists”.
    Similarly, a couple of apps installed via Apps (Google Camera and Simple Alarm Clock) won’t update. In this case, after downloading the message “Installing” just flashes endlessly next to the name of the app in question, but the installation never completes.

Is the cause for these issues known? And is there a good workaround?

Any help much appreciated!

Your energy app is likely not appearing on Aurora because it is geo-restricted.

Thanks to a recent Aurora store update apps which are Geo restricted may not appear. For the background to the issue see this thread Aurora Store, geo-restricted apps, and anonymous logins

That thread is a bit long and confusing. For a clear explanation of how to work around the issue see this thread What UK Bank App works reliably enough on this OS? - #6 by GreyLinux

Sorry cannot help with your second issue.


Thanks @DelJen! That worked a treat for the Pure Planet app.

I had hoped that someone who knew the answer on that front might also be able to help with the second issue, but no such luck, so I’ll post a separate question on that with a more pertinent title!

Thanks again,

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