How to install the Moto Camera app?

I use a Moto X4 (payton) using the latest R build. I want to install the Moto Camera App (2, 3). However I can find them neither in the /e/ App store nor in the aurora store. Does anyone know how I can install this app?

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Maybe this Telegram channel is the place to check. Back in “the old days” this is where I used to get things (actually their XDA thread before TG) for my Motos and other devices.

“This is a channel for MODs, Tools, Wallpapers, customization and more!”

I stay subscribed though I haven’t needed/used anything in a long time.

Check this XDA thread :

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Thanks I tried installing the app, however after finished installation in TWRP the phone keeps rebooting into TWRP even if reboot system is selected.

EDIT: Why is there actually no apk you can download in aurora store or somewhere else. I had the Moto Camera 2 app installed on the /e/ rom based on Q.