How to install Titanium Backup

I am installing /e/ on my OnePlus 9. I made an in Titanium Backup from apps + data. Now I see no possibility to install it. The Zip can only be flashed in recovery.

/e/OS recovery does not have the option to flash a zip, only sideload. When I use ADB Sideload it SEEMS to start but hangs at 0%, not doing anything. That’s annoying so to say.

I am rooted with Magisk. Any ideas, any one who can help? Much appreciated!

Is there a twrp for your device?

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Yes there is. But I’m not a really good at this… Voming with so many warnings… Any one can make a 3 step plan for me?

Should I install it or just try to boot it and THEN flash the zip and reboot without installing?

I think it is pretty straight foreward here:
→ Temporarily Booting a custom recovery…

Just use the .img from twrp rather than from /e/. I think after the next OTA you should be again on e recovery since it overrights the twrp later.

In twrp you should be able to flash from a .zip.

Perfect. Will try tomorrow or Friday. But if the Zipping works, I could re-flash e-recovery right after that, couldn’t I?

Sure you can. From the documentation it should only be temporary, so no need…

Official twrp won’t work with android 12 on OP9.

There is unofficial twrp being developed and tested and seems like they have it working mostly but I would suggest there is a lot of reading to do first.

I no longer have the device so cannot test it.

Thanks Chris, for your research (again). I decided to go the safe way and installed the apps manually via Titanium.

I wasn’t aware (before) that apparently TWRP wasn’t for Android 12 on the OP9. Also I wasn’t aware that GravityBox is not (officially) available for Android 12. There is a fork (from A11 version) but only few options work. What bothers me most on Lineage (and therefore /e/) is that you can’t fully and manually configure your button bar (recent / home / back). Also I can’t find a way to trigger splitscreen in /e/.

I always used double tap on a button to trigger OR make a shortcut in my quick settings. Both won’t work.

In the recents view: hold the icon above the card to see the menu.

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About the thing: Is that still usable in this day and age?
I was a heavy user of that back in the day to install a core set of apps and tools during the flash-a-holic days. Always worked great on KitKat thru Nougat (Android 4.4 to 7).
That all seemed to break with Oreo due to Google adding new “security mechanisms” or whatever. There would be problems trying to run user apps installed via
Since then I essentially stopped restoring apps. Install manually and then restore backed up data. I archive apk files anyway, reducing new setup time but I miss the thing.

Did some reading at the time to find out why things broke but forgot most of the details.

@marcdw: actually I didn’t use it for quite some time too. Just like you… Back in the day. But I wanted to see how easy I could switch from one /e/OS phone to another /e/OS and Titanium can be of great help.

I now chose an in-app TB option to restore missing APKs including data. Haven’t tested the outcome yet but that mostly works well. Reason is I am first setting up Tracker Control (app), App Ops (app), AfWall (app) and XPrivacyLua (app) for all apps before connecting to the net again. It takes time…

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