How to launch apps downloaded through App Lounge?

I’m very new to /e/. I have downloaded some apps through App Lounge (under icons of apps that I downloaded is written “Retry”, not “Install”) but I cannot find a way to launch these apps. They do not appear in my home screen and they are not listed under Settings->Apps and Notifications. How to find them in order to launch them? (I have no problem with launching preinstalled apps such as App Lounge or Files).

Edit: All apps downloaded by me are from “Open source” category.

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Not sure about that retry that you mention but you need to install … sheer download is not sufficient (only transfers data to your phone).
(rule of thumb: as long as no app-icon appears on your screen you have obviously not installed the app hence no option to launch it.)


I guess (like obacht) that you downloaded but not installed these apps. This happens when you start a download and then do something else. At the end of a download normally a message window appears which asks you to install or abort now. When this happens while App Lounge is in background or the screen is dark it can happen that you don’t see this message window. You have than a completed download but no install.

(Depending on your notification settings these questions also appear in your notifications or not.)

Retry to install such an app but wait until the question appears: install or abort? If the download takes more time keep the screen alive until the message comes. The result of a successful installation is normally an icon on the first free position on the screen.

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Thank you. You were right! The apps with “Retry” button are not installed indeed. Retrying to install them does not help. But when I install apps from categories other than “open source” the installation process goes as expected. The problem is only with apps with “open source” tag in App Lounge.

Have you checked if there is a system update available for you in Settings > Updater ?

The App Lounge was only introduced into /e/OS last year, perhaps you have started on an /e/ version that is a few months behind - which might lack some fixes to the App Lounge.

Thanks! Yes, system update is available in my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) and I am able to update. I get “No new updates available” message when I click on update icon in the top right corner. The system version I have is: /e/OS 1.6-20221129238948.

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I have found that App Lounge behaves a bit as if the network is too busy to fully complete tasks sometimes.

I would start by clearing storage within App Lounge

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > App Lounge > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache

Now try to install one app at a time. Should you get a stall situation as you report I would not carry on and try another app, but rather come back and try the initial app later.

Also Advanced Privacy is known to interfere with App Lounge. Please test App Lounge with Advanced Privacy / Hide my IP turned off.

A clue to the “too busy” situation on the server is what I call an animated blank screen.

If on starting App Lounge you get an animated blank screen lasting over 15 seconds, please treat this as a “Please try later” condition.

In the next pair of images I search Fennec. I have found that it is significant that you move on the the second screen, by selecting Fennec from the initial “Search” screen, as the behaviour you report seems to me more likely when you attempt to hit “INSTALL” from “Search” rather than “Install” from the target app’s “Own screen”

I confirm that turning off the Hide my IP in Advanced Privacy solved the issue. Thank you!