How to Live Without Google and Other Evil Tech Giants

I just published an article about avoiding Surveillance Capitalism and I mention /e/ in the Mobile Operating Systems section.
Any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:


Cool writeup.

A few ideas:

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Great work @PaulaFairphone!

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Thank you @PaulaFairphone this is a lot I’ll look into. Some feedback about the non-mobile you write about, I’d like to find the Mobile equivalents for functions like these:
Browser, but I doubt it will ever work on Mobile:
Mail user agent
Non mobile Operating Systems:
I used Qubes for a while, but the latest release doesn’t work on my hardware, and the older version died, so I’m trying to build my own secure OS until I buy a new computer

Because it has the best wiki around.

For people who don’t like systemd:

(avoid Gnome and KDE, they only work with systemd)

Graphical browser extension needed by privacy concerned people living in the EU who always delete all cookies, and don’t want to see these irritating EU cookie warnings:

There is a good website showing all the different trackers:

Google is tracking the majority of the web traffic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell why webmasters are so silly using e.g. google fonts. It’s completely unnecessary, there are good solutions without google. Google is evil.

Use NoScript and see G00gl is almoste everywhere.
And try to block it everywhere, and see for yourself how G00gl controls most websites.