How to live without Google | Ultimate Guide


This guide really goes deep! Added to my bookmarks.

This guide can be very useful. They should also add alternatives for that stupid google recaptcha, which is used by many sites.

When Google bought recaptcha, he had a genius idea.

Officially, “reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse.”

Unofficially, Google got for free millions of teachers to train its artificial intelligence on pictures…

And if tomorrow i decide to block all Google domains to preserve my privacy, i won’t be able anymore to connect on several websites because of that f**** reCaptcha

So, yes, a genius idea…

Looks like it’s an inevitable evil, but there are scripts that can at least speed up reCaptcha.

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Beautiful…saved the link!!

Guys…the link is down {12th Feb 20 1:56PM UTC+3:00}

it*s working for me 12:08:02 European Time

The article recommends Firefox as desktop browser; also mentioned is something even better: Pale Moon -

It’s retro and focuses on users’ needs. Had it for 2 years now and am delighted with it.

Unfortunately, web forms are now often designed using google technology, and will only work using a chrome-like browser. The de-googled Chromium also mentioned in the article could then be a necessary tool for such cases.


Any browser based on chromium or blink is not living without Google. It may be more private than Chrome, but it’s not living without Google.

Has anyone tried the Signal messenger for voice and video calls?
Open source but not available on Fdroid. I tried aTalk so far which is available on /e/ Apps and Fdroid but gave up on it due to audio echo problems.


Cool ! May replace whatsapp !!! I will try with my wife… (RR for her, /e/ for me).

reCaptcha is a curse on me… I am tired of reCaptcha everwhere I browse… :rage: :rage:


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