How to manually update maps on unofficial build?

Maps needs an update to use current map files.

I’m running an unofficial 0.9n build for Moto E “surnia”. Magic Earth maps does not update itself, do I remove the app using adb, pm uninstall -k --user 0 < package name > and re-install? If so, what is the package name of the magic earth system app?


I had an unofficial version until a few days ago, and with aurora store I was able to update the magic earth version without any problems;

and even now that I’m back to the official build, anyway aurora gives me the chance to update.

(I don’t know if this is what you were asking for)

Thanks, I have Apps and F-Droid installed; is Aurora the only way to accomplish the update?

Yes, because magic earth for now, is still closed source, so you cannot find it on fdroid;
and Apps apparently doesn’t update it

Ok, it worked! :grinning:

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