How to mount a microSD card


I’m Chipi. I’ve just bought my first deGoogled smartphone :wink: and I’ve just join to this community.

Here is my trouble:

In the native file manager of Murena there is an option to unmount a microSD card. When I use it, microSD card desappears and I don’t know how to remount it. Is there any option to do this? I know that if I reboot the smartphone the problem is solved, but I would like a way to remount the card without rebooting the Phone.


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Hi @ra.chipi,
welcome to this forum.

After unmounting
just eject it and réinsert it.

Thanx, Piero, for your answer.

But I’m looking for a software way. An option in “Adjusts” that I haven’t seen or an app…

Maybe but I don’t know…

SDRemount | F-Droid

Requires root.
Question, if you don’t mind. Why are you unmounting?

Tanx for you answer, @marcdw.

The problem I have is that MicroSD card unmmount itself. I detected that sometimes it remounts by itself with a reboot but other times doesn’t. So, I wanted to see if I could mount it without rebooting before studying if there is a hardware problem. Finally, I’ve found the problem and is a hardware problem.

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