How to move from Ubuntu Touch to /e/ on a Nexus 5?

I have a Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch. Does the procedure to install /e/ change at all from what is described here?

I have a spare OnePlus One with ubuntu touch. Which I have gone from cyanogen > Ubuntu Touch > Lineage > Ubuntu Touch > /e/ > ubuntu touch. Which I will soon flash back to /e/ to give to family member. All changed roms very easily, just as a safety measure I would flash back to latest available stock rom (cyanogen) based on android 6.0 between each time I changed. Only problems you can face is if you have stock android 8 rom and try to flash nougat /e/ on top. Go to stock rom nougat first then flash nougat /e/.

Do I understand correctly that it’s safe to go from ubuntu touch directly to /e/?

You possibly could, however to be safe and avoid potential of bricking, I would always flash the stock android rom first then flash /e/ over the stock android rom for my device.

I would be happy if my phone could run UbuntuTouch :frowning:


Ubuntu Touch is actually quite nice, just limited app support, but enough to get you by. OnePlus One is the best officially support device to get and they are really cheap now. There is alot of better community supported devices also.

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Hi @b3pio,
you seem quite knowledgeable about community supported devices. Which are well supported and quite recent? I’m having some trouble finding recent-and-well-supported devices that can be used for lineage, e and ideally also for trying ubuntu touch.
Nexus 5 is something i heard often, is this still a good idea?


I have tried UbuntuTouch on my OnePlusOne. It’s a nice OS, but nothning for daily use. As @b3pio has written, there are to less apps available and installing ‘normal’ Linux programs or Android apps with Ant box isnb’t working well.
eOS is running fine on OPO and I have also magma (Android 10) running on it.

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I think the issue with Nexus 5 now is its an old device, the battery is likely to be no good… In saying that alot of developers still like this device while it has support from /e/, maruOS and MagmaOS it no longer has official support by lineage/lineage+microg. If you set UBTouch aside you will find a lot of people here will suggest a OnePlus or Xiaomi device. I personally think a second hand google (yes i know the devil themself) device is the way to go like a Pixel 2/2XL or even a 6/6P if you want a cheaper phone as you have a large range of custom ROM selection. With the 6/6P you have /e/, lineage, lineage+microg and Kali NetHunter. The Pixel 2/2XL you have /e/, GrapheneOS (most secure IMO) and CalyxOS (like graphene but with microg). GrapheneOS and CalyxOS will both allow re-locking of the bootloader to give you Verified boot as well.

Fairphone2 is another decent choice for ROM support but often over-looked due to price. And lastly a OnePlus One is going to be a super cheap option (just old) with a wide range of ROM support, /e/, lineage, lineage+microg, UB Touch, Kali nethunter, Magma, there’s even community build of Sailfish. It will come down to your budget and whats readily available in your city etc. I always recommend buying second hand which I think @harvey186 can agree with.

Also adding to my thoughts of Ubuntu Touch, its ok for basic phone use. The app support is its biggest downfall and quite a lot of the apps available as a kind of PWA not full native apps. I think SailfishOS is a more matured linux OS and it has android app support (paid version) which helps, however android apps installed on SailfishOS have no access outside the alien dalvik ‘sandbox’ (last time I used it) so they cant access things like bluetooth, detecting lockscreen etc so some apps cant be used, so it still lacking what I feel could replace a fully fledged android device…

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